Beach Villa – Single Room

Experience unparalleled luxury at Beach Villa: exclusive amenities, exquisite views, and premium service at high-end prices.

Beach Villa – Single Room

Pool View / Beachfront Access

60 m2

1 King Bed

Opt for our Beach Villa’s Single Room at 170 € per night and embrace a haven of solitude and splendor. This room is perfectly suited for individual travelers or couples, providing a luxurious and intimate setting with a stunning pool view and direct beach access. The design emphasizes elegance and comfort, with a keen attention to detail that ensures a stay that is both pampering and personal. From the plush bedding to the artful accents, every aspect of the room is curated to create an environment that is relaxing and refined. Guests can enjoy the tranquility of their own space, the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and the convenience of high-end amenities. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat to unwind or a romantic backdrop to create memories, the Single Room in our Beach Villa offers an exquisite experience that combines the best of luxury, privacy, and natural beauty.


6000 m2 plot area

23 rooms with greenery


7 Rooms each 27m2

5 rooms for topfloor villa

Presidential suite

Training room

Out door pool


Full-day & Multi-Day
Kite surfing
Jet skiing
Candle light dinner
Jet skiing
Various excursions
Boat trips

Booking assistant

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