Upper Resort – Water

Enjoy budget-friendly elegance at Upper Resort: affordable rates, cozy comfort, and beautiful beach proximity.

Upper Resort – Water

Garden View / Pool Access

28,52 m2

5 rooms

Perched on the second floor, “Water” villa is a serene sanctuary where each of the five rooms is a testament to tranquility, boasting expansive windows that frame the mesmerizing sea views. The interior palette reflects aquatic hues, enhancing the sense of calm and connection to the ocean. With exclusive pool access, guests can immerse themselves in relaxation, enveloped by the gentle sounds of water and the soothing sea breeze. The villa’s design and amenities are curated to foster a sense of peace and rejuvenation, creating an idyllic retreat that mirrors the elegance and purity of water itself.

The Water’s design is both sophisticated and inviting, featuring high-quality furnishings and decor that create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for those who seek a distinguished retreat, the Water rooms offer ample space, stunning views, and an ambiance of exclusivity. Whether you’re enjoying the quiet of your private accommodation or the vibrant beach life just steps away, ensuring every moment of your stay is enveloped in luxury and charm.


6000 m2 plot area

23 rooms with greenery


7 Rooms each 27m2

5 rooms for topfloor villa

Presidential suite

Training room

Out door pool


Full-day & Multi-Day
Kite surfing
Jet skiing
Candle light dinner
Jet skiing
Various excursions
Boat trips

Booking assistant

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