Upper Resort – Upper Floor

Enjoy budget-friendly elegance at Upper Resort: affordable rates, cozy comfort, and beautiful beach proximity.

Upper Resort – Upper Floor

Two Levels / Beachfront Access

60 m2

1 King Bed

Elevate your stay to new heights on the Upper Floor of our Upper Resort, available for 150 € per night, where you can enjoy the luxury of two-level accommodation with direct access to a stunning beachfront. These rooms are thoughtfully laid out to maximize your comfort and enjoyment, featuring stylish decor and panoramic views. On the lower level, a welcoming living area offers a space to relax and entertain, while the upper level presents a tranquil bedroom retreat. Guests benefit from enhanced privacy and a sense of exclusivity, with each floor designed to provide a unique perspective on the surrounding beauty. The proximity to the beach allows for spontaneous seaside adventures or serene moments watching the waves. Perfect for those who appreciate a little extra space and a lot of extra flair, our Upper Floor accommodations promise a stay that’s as invigorating as it is restful, with every detail crafted to enhance your experience.


6000 m2 plot area

23 rooms with greenery


7 Rooms each 27m2

5 rooms for topfloor villa

Presidential suite

Training room

Out door pool


Full-day & Multi-Day
Kite surfing
Jet skiing
Candle light dinner
Jet skiing
Various excursions
Boat trips

Booking assistant

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